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In air pollution control industry, power plant desulfurization is a hot topic. There are many different kinds of power plant desulfurization methods.

For most of the popular methods need to use limestone powder, the preparation of lime powder is very important.

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Note:We can offer the whole lime stone powder making machines and provide limestone powder desulfurization preparation technology.


The bulk material is firstly sent to the jaw crusher and crushed into desired granularity. And then material are fed into grinding mill by bucket elevator. The grinded powders, which rise with airflow of fan, are grades by collector.

The whole system running under the negative pressure condition, no dust generates, so as to meet the environment protection standard.


Limestone desulfurization case 1

Mill: 5 sets of MTW175, the whole unit rated power 390kw
Capacity: 70t/h
Raw material and fineness: limestone, 325mesh, D95

Running instance:
A thermal power plant using limestone - gypsum wet desulphurization process (FGD), add water in limestone powder to be limestone slurry as the absorbent. This process is the most mature technology in the world, the most widely used in desulfurization process, advantage lies in the sorbent utilization rate is as high as 90%, desulfurization efficiency is more than 95%, and putting into operation rate is as high as 99%, suitable for large capacity units, can deal with all kinds of sulfur content coal.

Customer evaluation:
The desulfurization equipments bring us a revolutionary experience, high capacity, good environmental protection and low power consumption. Compared with other local suppliers, our energy consumption is the lowest, so we have great price-advantages. Thank you very much for SBM!

Experts’ analysis:
As soon as MTW grinding mill was taken into market, it has been successfully used in power plants, steel desulfurization projects. Till now, it is one of the most cost-performance machines.

Limestone desulfurization case 2

Mill: 1 set of MTM160, the whole unit rated powder 282.5kw
Capacity: 11t/h
Raw material and final products: limestone, 250mesh,D95

Running instance:
Power plant using LIFAC dry fuel gas desulfurization technology, with limestone powder as SO2 absorption agent, desulfurization process is divided into two stages: furnace desulfurization and activation desulfurization in the vessel. Thus, combines the advantages of furnace desulfurization and spray drying desulfurization. The process is relatively simple, maintenance is convenient, and the desulfurization efficiency reaches 60% to 85%.

Customer evaluation:
After the investigation and comparison, I chose the SBM MTM160 grinding mill. The quality of the absorbent help me win a lot orders from many thermal power plants. Now the capacity is far from their demand, so I would like to build another plant in the next year.

Experts’ analysis:
MTM overpressure trapezium mill is updated and improved from the high pressure roller mill, it has five patents skills, such as trapezoidal working face, the flexible connection, roller linkage pressurization etc. Therefore, it has the good grinding effect, can improve the fineness of limestone powder and production, and is a very good choice for desulfurization agent preparation.

Limestone desulfurization case 3

Mill: 3 sets of LM2400 Vertical Mill, the whole unit rated power 900kw
Capacity: 320t/h
Raw material and fineness: limestone 200 mesh, D80

Running instance:
A power plants using spray drying process of desulfurization (SDA semi-dry method), with limestone powder slurry as absorbent. Under ideal conditions of SDA process, the desulfurization efficiency can reach 80% - 90%, if using bag filter, the desulfurization efficiency can be increased by 10% - 15%. Its characteristic is that by-product is solid, no liquid waste.

Customer evaluation:
This several sets of vertical mill run stability, high output, low loss, and operation simple. We are very satisfied with the equipments. And after-sales service and free training is particularly great. Just a phone call, technical personnel will be rushed to the scene immediately to satisfy what you need. SBM is the best the enterprise which we have contacted with.

Experts’ analysis:
LM vertical grinding mill is another masterpiece of SBM research and development team. It sets the crushing, drying, grinding, classification, transmission together, which is ideal equipment in the fields of thermal power plant desulfurization, pulverized coal preparation.

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