Vertical Roller Mill (600-45μm)

Vertical Roller Mill is our newly-launched product which is applied as a solution to the technical issues such as low output and high energy consumption in the ordinary industry. This new type product is developed based on years of production and development on the pulverizer through analyzing and researching the strengths and weakness of both foreign and domestic products of its kind.

Its performance has entered into the leading level among the international products of its kind. Vertical Roller Mill is a new type advanced pulverizing equipment featuring good performance and drying function. Integrated with drying, pulverizing and powder-selection, Vertical Roller Mill is widely applied in cement, chemical, coal and electric power industries. It has become the mainstream equipment in the pulverizing industry.

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Reduce Comprehensive Investment

The equipment integrates the functions of crushing, drying, grinding, powder separating and transportation. The system design is simple and reasonablewith the floor space of about 50% of that of ball-milling able to reduce total investment of the equipment.

Low Operating Costs

The roller doesn't contact the grinding plate directly. Besides, roller and grinding plate are made of high-quality materials, which can prolong service. The grinding rollers can directly grind materials on the grinding plate, which can effectively lower energy consumption by 30% ~ 40% compared to ball-milling.

Automatic Control System

The equipment is provided with an expert automatic control system, realizing free switching between remote and local control to achieve easy operation and save labor costs.

High Environmental Protection Standard

The equipment can operate stably with little vibration, so its noise is fairly low. The system is wholly sealed and works under negative pressure, free of dust spillover and environmentally friendly, with the emission meeting the national standard.

Working principle

The main motor drives the grinding plate by the reducer, simultaneously the hot air enters the vertical mill body from the air inlet and the materials drop on the grinding plate center from the feed opening and evenly move outwards due to centrifugal force.

The materials are ground by grinding rollers when passing through the grinding area on the grinding plate, and large size materials will be directly crushed while the fine materials will form a material bed by extrusion for further inter granular crushing.

The crushed materials will continue to move towards the mill edge until being taken away by the strong air flow at the vane and collected by the dust collector, while larger material particles will again fall onto the grinding plate for repeated grinding; the coarse particles in the air flow will drop back onto the grinding plate for further grinding when passing through the upper separator under the action of the rotor blade, with the qualified fine powder flowing out of the grinding plate with the air flow and then collected and discharged by the system powder collector as finished powder product.

However, the iron blocks and other wastes mixed in the materials will move along with the materials towards the edge of the grinding plate due to their own weight and fall into the lower chamber and then be discharged out of the slag discharge opening by the scraping plate at the bottom of the mill tray (commonly known as scumming).



Vertical Mineral Mill Series

Model Capacity (th) Grinding material particle size D80(mm) Grinding material max feed size(mm) Main motor power (kw)
LM80K 4-10 <10 <20 55
LM110K 5-15 <10 <25 110
LM130K 10-28 <10 <38 200
LM150K 13-38 <10 <40 280
LM170K 18-48 <10 <42 400
LM190K 23-68 <10 <45 500
LM220K 36-105 <10 <50 800
LM240K 40-130 <10 <50 1000
LM280K 50-170 <10 <50 1250
LM340K 80-240 <10 <70 1800
LM370K 120-300 <10 <70 2500

Vertical Coal Mill Series

Model Capacity (th) Grinding material particle size D80(mm) Grinding material max feed size(mm) Main motor power (kw)
LM80M 3-5 <10 20 45
LM110M 7-10 <10 25 90
LM130M 10-17 <10 <38 185
LM150M 16-22 <10 <40 250
LM170M 20-30 <10 <42 315
LM190M 26-40 <10 <45 400
LM220M 35-45 <10 <50 500
LM240M 50-70 <10 <50 630
LM280M 70-90 <10 <50 900
LM340M 100-140 <10 <50 1400

Vertical Slag Mill Series

Model Capacity (th) Grinding material particle size D80(mm) Grinding material max feed size(mm) Main motor power (kw)
LM130N 5-14 <10 <38 200
LM150N 7-20 <10 <40 280
LM170N 9-27 <10 <42 400
LM190N 12-30 <10 <45 500
LM220N 18-55 <10 <50 900
LM240N 25-60 <10 <50 1120
LM280N 40-90 <10 <50 1800
LM340N 60-120 <10 <70 2500
LM370N 70-160 <10 <70 3150

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