Types of cleaners commonly found in vertical mill lines

The sweeper has a non-negligible effect on the conveyor, which can quickly and quickly remove residual materials adhering to the conveyor belt. Therefore, the cleaner is also important for the vertical roller mill production line. The following mainly analyzes several common cleaners.

The first is the water spray type cleaner, which is suitable for conveying materials that are not afraid of moisture, and has sufficient water source and sewage system. For example, the concrete conveying of the dam, the dredging of the river, the sludge transportation in the hydraulic engineering, etc. can be sprayed. The sweeper cleans the conveyor belt with pressurized water and works well. Followed by the empty section cleaner. During the process of conveying the material on the conveyor belt, it is inevitable that the material will be scattered due to the deviation of the conveyor belt, so that the material falls onto the return section of the conveyor belt. The empty section cleaner is often installed on the upper side of the return branch conveyor belt, close to the tail drum, used to clean the material spilled on the return branch conveyor belt, preventing the material from being caught between the conveyor belt and the tail drum, damaging the drum and the conveyor belt, affecting The normal operation of the conveyor.

Then there is the joint cleaning device. When transporting highly viscous materials, it is often impossible to completely clean the conveyor belt by using a cleaning device, and a combined cleaning device can be used. For example, the conveyor belt is first rinsed with a water jet, then the conveyor belt passes through the pool, and then washed with a brush and a scraper in sequence, after which the conveyor belt is dried. Or it consists of a water cleaning tube, a cleaning roller, a cleaning blade, and the like. First, the conveyor belt is rinsed by water, and then the conveyor belt is cleaned by the cleaning roller and the cleaning blade, and the cleaned mud mixture is discharged from the sludge discharge pipe.

Conveyor belt overturning cleaning method is suitable for long distance conveyor cleaning work. Its cleaning mechanism is that the conveyor belt return branch is turned 180° after leaving the head drum, and then turned back 180° before returning to the tail drum. Thereby, the residual material is prevented from falling and blocking the space under the conveyor and adhering to the return branch roller.

In addition, the belt cleaner is designed according to the width of the conveyor belt. The sweeper consists of two parts, which are respectively installed under the unloading roller of the machine head and under the conveyor belt of the conveyor belt at the junction of the machine head and the H frame. When the belt conveyor unloads the material, in order to prevent the coal, water and mud from adhering to the top belt from entering the belt conveyor, under the unloading roller of the machine head, add 2 sweepers to the first cleaning material of the top conveyor belt, if The cleaning is not complete, the conveyor belt runs to the joint between the machine head and the H frame, and begins to be removed again to remove the adhesive.

In the vertical mill production line, the performance of the belt conveyor cleaner directly affects the working performance and service life of the conveyor. The user should select the structure of the cleaner according to the characteristics of the material to be transported and the specific conditions of use.

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