How does the surface of the Raymond mill prevent corrosion?

Raymond mill manufacturer SBM introduces how the surface of Raymond mill prevents corrosion. The surface of Raymond mill prevents corrosion and is very important for the life of the mill. Advise Raymond mill users to do anti-corrosion work on the mill.

This type of Raymond Mill is a technological innovation based on the pendulum mill. The technical indicators of the mill are greatly improved compared with the swing-type Raymond machine. It is a new type of Raymond machine with high efficiency and energy saving. The fine powder mill is suitable for grinding limestone, calcite, marble, talc, gypsum, barite, fluorite, zeolite, manganese ore, ilmenite, phosphate rock, bentonite, starch, kaolin and other hardness in Mohs 7 Below, the humidity is less than 6% of the moisture is not flammable, explosive materials. The fineness can be adjusted freely. It is a new generation of pendulum mills.

In order to improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of Raymond mill, and to play a decorative role, the surface coating technology based on metal material coloring technology has been widely used. The following is a description of the coloring of commonly used steel parts.

Under natural conditions, steel parts form an oxide film on the surface due to contact with oxygen in the air. Naturally, when forming a film, depending on the physical properties of the metal itself, the surface state and the oxidation conditions, the oxide film formed is thin, some is dense and complete, and some are loose and incomplete. An oxide film which is dense and complete and has a certain mechanical strength on the surface of steel can be chemically or electrochemically. There are many oxidation treatment methods for steel, such as alkaline oxidation, alkali-free oxidation, high-temperature gas oxidation, and electrolytic oxidation. At present, the alkaline oxidation method is widely used. The surface of the steel is oxidized, and a certain thickness of the oxide film is formed on the surface thereof, which exhibits a special oxidation color - blue black, and is generally referred to as "blue" or "black". This layer of oxide film made of iron and steel has beautiful color, no hydrogen, elasticity, and thin film layer, which does not affect the precision and has a certain effect on eliminating the stress formed after heat treatment. Blue or black is a common method for surface treatment of mechanical parts and rust prevention between processes.

The basic oxidizing mechanism of the Raymond mill is to place the steel parts in a solution containing sodium hydroxide, nitrate or nitrite and to surface treatment at a certain temperature. When the temperature of the solution approaches the boiling point, the steel interacts with the oxidizing concentrated base as follows: the steel begins to dissolve, producing sodium ferrite and sodium ferrite.

At the same time, some of the sodium ferrite interacts to form a hydrate of ferric oxide (maroon precipitate). The appearance and protective properties of the oxide film vary depending on the thickness of the oxide film, but the main component of the constituent film is magnetic iron oxide regardless of the film thickness or film thickness.

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