The main reason for the decline in the production of established mills

vertical roller mill is a kind of mining machinery equipment which is more commonly used. The machine is simple and easy to operate, with high production efficiency and low price. It is very popular among users. However, if the Vertical Roller Mill is used for a long time, it will always appear like this or In such a situation, this is not the case recently. There is a user consultation with us. What is the reason for the sudden decrease in the amount of powder in the vertical roller mill? We also found the professional and technical personnel of our company to answer the questions for the majority of users.

1. Material over the tide

The over-current of materials is the main reason for the decrease of stone powder production. He not only increases the difficulty of grinding, but also the finished product is easy to block the powder discharge channel, which makes the mill work unsmooth, causing a large amount of stone powder to clog, resulting in a decline in finished product output.

2. Equipment wear is serious

The vertical roller mill mainly relies on the grinding of the grinding ring and the grinding roller to achieve the milling. If the two parts are worn too much, the material will not grind to the desired fineness of the user and will continue to circulate in the grinding chamber. Reduce production.

3. Too much or too little material

When the grinding equipment is working, the feeding speed should be controlled well, not too fast or too slow. Excessive material in the grinding chamber affects the performance of the equipment. Too little grinding machine idles and the output naturally decreases.

4. Other parts and equipment are damaged

The damage of any one part will have a great impact on the final output. For example, important parts such as analyzers and fans should be inspected on time, and solved when problems are found to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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