It is very necessary to understand the structural composition of the ore powder mill

For the ore powder mill, its structure determines its performance, the structure is determined when the manufacturer designs the machine, and the structure determines the benefits of the machine for the milling production, the staff for the Trapezium mill The understanding of the structure can be better used, and the process of replacing the parts of the machine and repairing the fault can be completed more quickly. In view of this situation, here is the structure of the equipment of the mill.

First of all, the components of the machine include the main engine, the analysis machine, the blower, the finished cyclone, the pipeline device, the motor, etc. These different parts play different roles in the production of the machine. The frame, the inlet volute, the blade, the grinding roller, the grinding ring, the casing and the motor are all important parts of the ore powder mill and are an indispensable part of the smooth operation of the machine.

The different components inside the mineral powder mill play a great role in the grinding process. The grinding roller ring is the main participant in the material crushing. If there is a problem between the two, the grinding of the material It will not be possible. This kind of parts, also called core parts or wear parts, will wear out during production. It needs regular maintenance and maintenance. After the damage is damaged, it needs to be replaced. At these stages, the structure of the machine needs to be replaced. Dealing with the road, so understanding the structure of the mineral powder mill is very necessary.

After understanding the internal structure of the ore milling machine and the importance of understanding the structure of the machine, we will analyze the grinding process of the machine: after the material is added to the mill, due to the centrifugal force during the rotation, the grinding roller Swing outside, pressing against the grinding ring, the blade shovel the material between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and the grinding roller achieves the purpose of pulverizing. The pulverized material needs to be powder-selected, and the qualified product becomes the finished product. Collection, unqualified need to be processed again, this cycle of production methods to ensure the uniformity of the finished product of the mineral powder mill.

The above mainly introduces the structural composition of the mineral powder mill and the necessity of understanding the structure of the machine - better operation, maintenance, etc., and then analyzes the role of different components of the machine in the grinding process, from The introduction of the grinding process can be seen that the core parts - the role of the grinding roller ring, the blade, and the principle of its wear, need to be properly maintained to ensure the service life and performance of the mill.

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